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Customer Identification Policy

People’s Choice FCU understands that CIP requires the credit union to follow these basic steps when a member and or an account owner (hereafter known as “member”) opens a new account or when a new member is added to an existing account.

  • Provide a CIP disclosure
  • Obtain basic information about the member
  • Verify the identity of the member
  • Check if a member appears on a government terrorist list
  • Retain records for 5 years after the account has been closed.

The field of membership currently consists of:

  • Employees of Schott North America Inc working in Duryea
  • Employees of the Duryea Borough Police Department working in Duryea
  • Employees of Pride Mobility Products, Inc. working in Duryea

If you are a spouse, child, sibling, parent, grandparent or grandchild, which also includes stepparents, stepchildren, stepsiblings and adoptive relationships, or household member (defined as person living in the same residence maintaining a single economic unit), of any of the above or related in the same manner to an existing credit union member, YOU QUALIFY.

A completed membership application plus and entrance fee of $1.00 and subscription for at least one share (par value $5.00) is required for qualification of membership. There is no limit to the amount of money a member may deposit in shares. However, keep in mind that your shares are insured up to $100,000 per account (one social security number).

Once a Member, Always a Member

You are welcome to remain a credit union member for life, regardless of whether you change jobs, move, or retire. If your lifestyle changes, call the credit union; we will show you how easy it is to continue to enjoy money-saving financial benefits through our electronic services.